Cleveland, OH — With rising costs for basic necessities, many Americans have been neglecting preventative dental care.  Dr. Edward Brandt, a Cleveland cosmetic dentist, offers a wide range of dental options to repair teeth and improve the confidence of Ohioans who have dental problems.

One of the cheapest and easiest cosmetic dental procedures is teeth whitening.  Dr. Brandt will work with patients to determine whether or not teeth whitening is the best option.  For most normal staining whitening can have the desired effect; however, with deeper staining, veneers may provide a more workable solution.

In the case of teeth that have damage, there are a range of possible solutions.  Light damage can be repaired with a filling and is a low cost option.  If the damage is more extensive it may be necessary to extract the tooth and replace it with a dental implant.  A dental implant screws into the gums and then a cap is glued to the top.  A single damaged tooth might be repaired with an implant, but when several teeth are damaged, a dental bridge may be used to cover up the damage.

In the worst case scenario, where a patient has few viable teeth, it may be necessary to move to full or partial dentures.  Dentures can be permanently screwed into the mouth, but this is a very costly solution.  More often dentures will be removable.  In either case, Dr. Brandt can finish the work in a single visit.

Sometimes patients need emergency extractions to ease the pain of a severely damaged tooth.  In cases such as this Dr. Brandt can schedule emergency dental work.

Cosmetic dentistry increases patient confidence by making people less self-conscious about their smiles.  Dr. Brandt makes cosmetic dental work accessible and affordable to patients in the Cleveland area.

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