Dr. Michael T. Martin uses his chiropractic training to bring top quality care to residents of the Greater Houston area with Clear Lake Chiropractic . He brings his knowledge, skills, and expertise learned at Texas Chiropractic College and Life University in Marietta, Georgia to help patients with various problems. Work in Georgia and the San Antonio area preceded a move to Clear Lake where Dr. Martin now practices.

This Houston Chiropractor specializes in alleviating pain by using state-of-the-art chiropractic and therapeutic techniques, and rehabilitations of the spin and extremities, to help patients fully recover from their conditions or injuries. All musculoskeletal disorders are treated at the facility. At the office, Dr. Martin and his team can treat acute or chronic back, neck, joint, or extremity pain as well as disk problems, sciatica, and personal injury cases such as auto accidents.

Dr. Martin and the physicians at the facility spend up to an hour with each patient depending on the problem they have, assess the cause, and find the best treatment. The treatments provided are intended to lead to full recovery and lasting pain relief. Regardless of the severity of the problem, Clear Lake Chiropractic is dedicated to finding the most appropriate treatment. They do a great job of this as a Clear Lake Friendswood Chiropractor .

Born in central Texas, Dr. Michael T. Martin spent his youth playing soccer and attended Texas State University to earn a Bachelor of Science. During this time, he was in a car accident and required the help of a chiropractor. Dr. Martin was pleased and impressed with the outcome and then attended Texas Chiropractic College and Life University to begin his career in chiropractic care. Along with an experienced and dedicated team, he now has his Clear Lake Dickenson Chiropractic center to demonstrate his abilities and provide the best of care to patients.

Spinal adjustments are often completed on the first visit, while some patients require more extensive treatment. The team also specializes in rehabilitative care and wellness care, while auto accident, work, and slip and fall injuries can be addressed. Massage therapy is another option available to patients at Clear Lake Chiropractic, depending on their condition.

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