Oklahoma City - The Retractable Safe Room was specifically made to protect students and teachers from any unexpected disasters. This is world’s sole folding level III ballistic steel safe room made particularly for class rooms. This expands in less than 10 seconds, and only takes up 19 inches from a wall.

Why Use This Safe Room?
This widens as fast as three seconds, no more than 10. It is just about 19 inches of space from the wall. The safe rooms is compatible and can be made to any size cater different space needs. It can shield from F5 tornadoes, against armed intruders as well as can cover the entire classroom, not just a single person. It is one time cost, no maintenance. You can install in the classroom behind a chalkboard or whiteboard.

Quality of Retractable Safe Room
This safe room serves as a storm protection that exceeds FEMA standards, and the National Wind Institute. It will hold up an F5 tornado. What’s more, it will endure.

The ballistic steel is the same material used in military transportations to shield against roadside bombs. AK47 rounds will not go through the ballistic military grade 1/4 inch steel. The 3in1 Safe Rooms have been installed in a school system in Oklahoma, and has made nationwide news.

Armed Intruder Protection
The safe room has two levels of protection. All the safe rooms are made of /4 inch steel to give a minimum of NIJ level IIIA defense against hand guns, and shotguns, which comprise 90% of violent crimes, based on the Bureau Of Justice Statistics. Safety from high caliber weapons and armor piercing rounds is accessible with the Ballistic Option. The Ballistic Option used military grade steel that is used in battle vehicles to offer NIJ Level III defense up to 7.62 NATO rounds.

Technical Specs of the Retractable Safe Room
This room is approved to survive with the F5 tornadoes. It was tested at the National Wind Institute (NWI) and meets the FEMA 320/361 and ICC 500 standards. It meets the FEMA 320/361 and ICC 500 standards. The room is made of 1/4 inch steel, 1 inch locking pins and a 1" continuous hinge and 3/4 inch diameter grade 5 bolts. It was designed with strong powder coat finish with ventilation hoods, modular bolt together design and anchors firmly to concrete slabs. The safe room has electrical ground stud, is ATSA listed and Third party engineering certified.

About Retractable Safe Room
Retractable Safe Room is manufactured by Staying Home Corporation (SHC), a unique company that centers on creating inventive products and services for consumers’ utmost safety.

To have further details on Retractable Safe Room visit www.3in1saferoom.com, or call 1-800-975-6212;

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