Planning for behaviour related interruptions during lessons is essential to maintaining a steady work rate amongst pupils in order to ensure the curriculum will be covered. Pupils completing tasks consistently and to a good standard should be rewarded whereas pupils causing issues should receive punishment based upon the school’s behaviour policy.

When applying behavioural procedures, it’s important to maintain consistent rules and routines. The school’s behaviour policy should outline the extent of each punishment dependant on the level of behaviour infraction taken by the pupil. ‘Favourite’ pupils should never be selected and punishments should follow routine relative to the issue, there cannot be different levels of punishment for two pupils that have failed to follow the behaviour policy to the same level.

However, simply issuing punishments and rewards will not always maintain a consistent pupil work rate. A certain level of trust is required between teacher and pupil, knowing that they will be rewarded for completing their given tasks well and can only receive negative consequences for failing to behave. Teachers cannot allow the negative behaviour of one group of pupils affect their judgement of the progress of the rest of the class.

Modern methods of recording behaviour issues and rewards include using a CMS (Classroom Management System). A CMS allows the teacher to award behaviour ‘points’ to pupils; negative behaviour will reduce the pupil’s overall score and positive student behaviour will increase it. This gives a visual representation which easily displays whether the pupil’s overall behaviour is positive or negative. Additionally, activity logs can also be added, for example a pupil may receive negative points for homework issues.

These systems will also provide other features such as attendance records, class behaviour reports, graphs & charts and parent information. This data can then be shared with the Head of Department during meetings; proposed changes can then be made. From there, the previous data before the changes can be compared with the new teaching style to measure the success rate of the improvements.

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