18, February 2016: Clarity Eye Serum, in a press conference held yesterday in New York City, New York, explained the three easy ways on how to use their product for effective and maximum results. “This disclosure is based on the common information given by the actual users of this formula who have had written Clarity Eye Serum Review articles and posted them in the Internet,” said the spokesperson of the company.

First, the potential users must wash thoroughly their facial and neck skin. This is to ensure that the toxins and other bacterial materials in the skin will be removed. To avoid further complications, there is a need to use gentle facial cleanser, with clean water.

Second, the skin-conscious women should apply directly Clarity Eye Serum into the cleansed skin surface. “This product is intended only for topical usage, no more, no less. Therefore, anybody should use it externally, and at least twice a day, morning and evening,” added the spokesperson.

Third, they should allow time until this product works properly inside. The penetration of the essential nutrients and vitamins contained in this product usually takes time. Therefore, anybody should think that it usually takes time, before seeing the true positive results.

Based on the Clarity Eye Serum Reviews online“Unlike those invasive techniques, like Botox that usually interferes only with the symptoms of skin problems, this product goes deeper to the root causes, in the molecules, cells and tissues. Hence, it takes time, but, not too longer, for its efficacy to work truly,” unveiled the company source.

The company, meanwhile, had issued a statement that they are giving a risk-free trial program to the potential users of Clarity Eye Serum. To get such trial, anyone should just fill up a form found in its official website, and has to complete the succeeding processes.

This product is priced affordably through its official webpage. When claiming the risk-free trial, the potential user should pay only for the freight and handling cost.

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