England: PPI or Payment Protection Insurance is an insurance that covers the loans taken by a customer to cover the circumstances if the customer loses a job or dies or becomes ill such that he’s unable to repay the loan taken. Usually the banks or credit companies provide the loan also to make sure they get their money back without any issue. Payment Protection Insurance is very common in western countries. Cases involving Mis-sold PPI has also become very common in many countries now. Customers can make a call to Connected Claims and their advisor will call back and collect your claim details.

As like any insurance, PPI also requires the customer to make premium payment which is an additional expense on the part of the customer. For most customers the chances of not repaying the debt are very little, yet most of the PPI companies sell their insurance by misleading customers or sometimes even without the customer knowing about it. It is very easy to claim your mis-sold PPI. Companies like ConnectedClaims provide easy and effective solutions to your mis-sold PPI claims. Their website http://www.connectedclaims.com/mis-sold-ppi/ gives details on how to go about claiming mis-sold PPI.

Most of the companies or individuals providing Debt Advice will be selling a particular product or service offered by some of the banks or finance companies they are associated with. Such advice will be biased and will end the customer in trouble sooner or later. For unbiased Debt related Advice contact Connected Claims. Unbiased Debt Advice benefits the customer the most since he or she can get a detailed analysis of the various options they have and then choose the one that is most convenient. Connected Claims also deal with situations where the customer has already taken loans and is unable to repay it.

Unbiased advice can help the customers understand the shortfalls and make sure they do not fall into similar traps in the future. Connected Claims can help customers to consolidate the debts which will make it easier for the repayment. The pros and cons of debt consolidation are explained in detail to the customer and then required steps are taken to help the customer to come out of the overwhelming debts. The customer can either post their contact and their representative will call and make an appointment or they can contact their representative directly. More details regarding your eligibility to get Debt Advice is available on http://www.connectedclaims.com/debt-advice/.

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