China - Recently, the famous online platform already promoted their professional Cletop which serial number is CK-001. This comprehensive cleaning tools package will provide great help to each of the professional technicians in this field. Now, let the editor from this online seller introduce with people the containing and feature of this cleaning tools kit.

The CK-001 Portable fiber optic cleaning kit and Inspection Kit contain the complete selection of fiber optic cleaning tools which could be sued for micro surface cleaning and inspection of connector and adapter ends. All of these cleaning and inspection tools are all collected in a rugged and comfortable case. People who have interesting about this product could visit the website of this online supplier.

Generally speaking, this cleaning kin contain every necessary devices and tools to better solve the main reason of fiber optic network failure, which is the so called contamination. As most of people knowing, the dust polluted to the fiber optic connector of the adaptor is very seriously problem for the Internet connection.

This kind of CK-001 Field Portable Fiber Optic Cleaning and Inspection Kit already contain the one click cleaner for SC, ST, FC, LC, MU connectors, fiber optic inspection microscope, fiber cleaner, replacement reel for fiber cleaner, 2.5mm fiber optic cleaning foam swabs, 1.25mm fiber optic cleaning swabs, precision fiber optic cleaning cube and automatic alcohol dispensing bottle. All of these tools are very necessary for the connector cleaning work.

All features of this fiber optic cleaning kit include the following factors. First, this comprehensive and completed series of cleaning tools could be used for cleaning and inspecting the fiber optic networks. Second, it includes Fiber Optic Inspection Microscope for the inspection of end-face of the connector. Thirdly, it could include Fiber Optic Cleaning Supplies to clean fiber optic connector end-faces on patch cables, within adapters or patch panels . Fourthly, this set of devices could be regarded as the economical and cost-effective one. On the other hand, this kit also has other advantages such as lightweight, easy to be used and the high strength carrying package which made of high quality nylon.

This fiber optic cleaning kit could be applied to cleans connectors on jumpers and adapters which types include LC, MU, SC, ST, FC with UPC or APC polishes. Furthermore, it could also help to cleans adapter alignments sleeves and other Test Equipment Ports.

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