Citizen is the world‘s largest watch manufacturer and looking at their NY2300 diver‘s watch. This model comes with some excellent features with really low price. There are various unlike versions of the NY2300. They differ in style and color in that some have a white face or gold lettering on the dial or an all black bezel. Mechanically, they are all identical however.

The NY2300 has a mineral glass crystal and the water resistant to 200 meters. The stock band is a rubber diver‘s model that is reasonably soft and comfortable. The bezel has a very firm and precise action and will turn in only a counter clockwise direction like most good diver watches. The NY2300 is in most respects very similar to many other automatic divers.

The NY2300 is a great looking diver watch whose bezel style is fantastic. The watch measures 42mm in width including the crown. The case itself narrows in width towards the case back. The overall impression is to make the watch more compact in design and quite comfortable on the wrist.

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If you are looking for a solid water sports watch or just a good daily wearer or beater, but want to avoid a battery driven quartz watch, the NY2300 is a hard choice to argue with. It would also make an excellent introductory piece for someone interested in a quality mechanical watch who isn't prepared to commit to a large purchase at the outset.