Owning a credit card has become the need of the hour. However, with so many firms offering different kinds of credit cards, one can only wonder if a right decision can be made. Relying on big banking giants is one such option that guarantees a quality purchase which will benefit the consumer in more ways than one.

Citibank, a world-wide famous banking business which has been around for two centuries has found a way to offer countless rewards to its faithful customers while at the same time making their lives a whole lot easier and secure.

A consumer can now log in to their exclusive website for credit cards — www.citicards.com — and receive all the required information on the different kinds of credit cards and the offers each of these carries with itself. Some of the credit cards offered by Citibank’s citicards.com are ‘Diamond Preferred’, ‘Thank You’, ‘Forward’, ‘Dividend’, ‘Hilton Honors’ and ‘Platinum Select.’

Each of the above mentioned credit cards has different surprises in store for the consumer. For example on the purchase of some cards, the bank offers a zero APR for a period of first 15 — 21 months, which is equivalent to almost two years. This gives a lot of leverage to the customers and a lot of room to purchase freely. Besides these initial incentives, citicards.com lists other advantages that each of the credit card will bring to the customer. With some, one can enjoy rebate on airline fare or in hotel charges and with others, the consumer will be able to collect reward points with each dollar that is spent through that card.

All of this information and more can be found through the valuable website citicards.com. Furthermore, registering into an individual account in Citicards Account Online, consumers will be able to choose from amongst the various credit cards themselves. Once registered, they will become eligible to make payments, receive digital bank statements and switch from the various credit cards themselves.

With Citicards.com, Citibank has truly endeavored to make the lives of their loyal customers even simpler and stress free.

Website: http://www.creditcardcomreviews.com/