Shenzhen, China, June 12, 2014: China has a large manufacturing base. As per an estimate, there are around 400,000 manufacturers in China that produce a large variety of products for exporting to global retail businesses. But only 70,000 of them are QEM certified manufacturers that have been identified by the Chinese government bodies for supplying high quality products. Now, Ciqem, a leading Manufacturer to Business platform in China, offers all these certified manufacturers a platform to showcase their products to reach the global buyers.

According to the spokesperson of Ciqem, their website is considered as a trusted source for the global retailers, e-commerce companies and others for procuring high quality Chinese Wholesale Products. A number of buyers from across the world visit their website on a daily basis for sourcing best quality products at affordable prices. The website features products that are offered at low prices and which helps businesses to maintain a good profit margin for their business growth. Moreover, by supplying high quality products, Ciqem helps these businesses to build their reputation among their customers.

The spokesperson reveals that they are the only platform that offers Chinese Quality Certified Manufacturers a platform to promote their products. “All visitors know that they will get only certified products through us and that too at reasonable prices. This is the reason why we receive a heavy traffic of global buyers on our website on a daily basis, and a Chinese company advertising their products through us stands a fair chance of getting new business deals from the buyers all around the world,” he states.

With the emergence of the e-commerce industry, there are a number of big and small companies across the world that need to procure high quality goods at low prices for their sustainable business growth. All such businesses are heavily relying on Ciqem for sourcing different types of products. In order to Buy From China, all such businesses can check a wide variety of products available on the website

About Ciqem Company:

Ciqem is a leading M2B platform in China, which provides quality made in China products from certified quality export China manufacturers. All China manufacturers listed with them are certificated by QEM (Quality Export Manufacturers). is the largest M2B (Manufacturers to business) online marketplace connecting Chinese suppliers worldwide buyers.

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