Romania - is a brand new blog that tries to make a difference in the world of blogging by providing quality content in a variety of areas including online marketing tactics, personal development and personal finance. When most of the blogs that are found online today have high commercial and promotional interests, here is a blog from a team of bloggers who are passionate about sharing quality content on the web with other bloggers and with everyone who is interested in the above topics. This blog is just about two months old and it is already running very successfully with a number of useful posts.

This blog has three major contributors. Ciprian Ginghina who is the owner of this blog, Chirsty Birch and Dan P. All three contributors write highly interesting blog posts. This team of highly creative writers is looking forward to add two more writers to the blog to increase the number of interesting blog posts.

It is also expected that a special section will be created for guests. This guests section will feature up to 5 guest posts per month. This is to ensure that the quality of the content posted on this blog is closely monitored to offer the readers with the best content. This blog is highly promising and it will not only limit itself with interesting blog posts, but the content will also aim at helping people with various strategies and tips on online marketing, personal development and personal finance. Users will be able to put into practice these practical tips and online marketing tactics to improve their online visibility. Personal development section will also include posts on career improvement and success.

The person behind this blog, Ciprian Ginghina is a full time web developer. He has over five years of experience in web development. He specializes in LAMP platform and JQuery framework. He is also passionate about online marketing. This blog is an effort to share his insights on online marketing, personal development and personal finance. Two other contributors ensure that there are regular posts made in this blog. Users can also subscribe to the RSS feed or follow Ciprian Ginghina on twitter to see what is latest.

All three contributors are highly dedicated to providing the best content to its readers. This blog does not have any commercial interest and it does not sell any products or services directly. Users are not required to signup for any account. All posts are written in simple style that can be easily followed by anyone. For more information and for the latest posts visit