Chicago, Sep 9, 2009 - Cipolla Law Group is a leading Immigration Law Firm based at Chicago, Illinois (USA). Cipolla Law Group is a full service law firm specializing in serving the legal interests and needs of immigrants.

Since immigration law is federal, Cipolla Law Group can process cases from all 50 States and around the world. Wherever you are, we can help you with your immigration needs. We routinely process non-immigrant visa petitions, permanent residence applications and citizenship applications

Cipolla Law Group has expanded its growing practice to family law. Due to the high demand of requests from existing clients and referrals, the firm has seen a need to guide and represent its clients in the following areas:

Uncontested Divorces
Contested Divorces
Child Support
Child Custody

Family law is an emotional experience, Cipolla Law Group uses its years of experience to provide the fairest and best possible settlement and result for its clients. Although having the ability to vigorously and aggressively assert its clients rights, Cipolla Law Group always looks to work with the other side in obtaining a calculated and fair settlement so the process can be as quick and cost efficient as possible.

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