(Free Press Release) September 7, 2011 CIMCON Software, the first and only provider of the FDA‘s 21 CFR Part 11 and Sarbanes-Oxley compliance software for Excel spreadsheets, databases, files and documents in a single integrated system, today announced that it has enhanced the level of data security offered in its eInfotree document management system. Given the rise in global regulation of data, and companies increasing responsibility to ensure security enterprise-wide from both internal and external users, CIMCON recognized the need to incorporate additional encryption that would prevent data intrusion and theft from external sources, as well as preclude authorized users from abusing access or misusing sensitive data.

eInfotree‘s newest data encryption functionality utilizes AES technology and NTFS security syncing to tighten the security around files during communication with external sources. These security enhancements have been implemented without any change or compromise in the eInfotree end-user experience.

The new data security features include:
• Document encryption using AES technology, both while the software is transmitting data and when the document is at rest.
• Audit trail tracking of unauthorized access attempt at the folder and document level.
• Automatic synchronization of directory (NTFS) security with Document Management System (DMS) security while a document is being moved to the DMS.
• Zero client administration as a result of unique auto-generated and auto-rotated encryption keys with configurable key rotation frequency.
• Transparency to end-users by providing secure access to encrypted documents from the same locations on the File Shares.
• Elimination of decrypted file copies on the file server.

“CIMCON is pleased to provide these enhanced security features in its eInfotree Document Management System, providing peace of mind to our existing customers and prospects knowing that their data is always secure and in compliance with security regulations,” said Anil Agrawal, Director. “As the need for enterprise-wide, real-time document management, compliance, collaboration and security increases globally, we strive to improve our products functionality and security while enhancing the user experience.”

CIMCON Software Inc. is a leading Enterprise Content Management company, providing a wide range of Software Solutions that reduce costs and improve operational efficiency, while complying with stringent international quality and regulatory requirements. With over two decades of innovation and experience, the company is specially focused in the domain of Documents, Records and Workflow Management. CIMCON leverages its staff of highly experienced software professionals and technology to provide the highest quality of services, striving to exceed client expectations.

About eInfotree:
eInfotree® - Integrated Document and Workflow Management System combines Document Management and Business Process Workflow in a single solution. eInfotree® allows organizations to manage digital content, including scanned paper documents, faxes, prints, application files, electronic forms, web content, multi-media files and emails. eInfotree® also authorizes organizations to automate business processes, reduce the time and cost of performing important business functions, improve organizational efficiency and address the need for regulatory compliance through the management, control and sharing of digital content with employees, business partners, customers and other constituencies.
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