Smoking a cigar with a glass of whiskey or scotch can offer unmatched pleasure. While this combination has been preferred by many, the pairing of coffee with cigars has had equal experience whatsoever.

To mankind coffee has been a favorite non-alcoholic beverage for a long time now. Like cigars, coffee too has numerous types and kinds, shapes and sizes. Moreover, it also offers a comparable taste sense as found in cigars. These all presents the cigars and coffee blending with a pleasurable delight.

A fine cigar with a good cup of coffee can be combined well to transform the usual into the exotic. Whether in noon time, early afternoon or even after dinner, coffee and a cigar can be delightfully exploited. It can thus be an excellent choice over a stronger spirit. The flavors of coffee are regarded to be highly complementary and also have a balanced blending quality with cigars. Chocolate, vanilla, and mocha, as well as the nuttiness and earthy texture, are all present in both coffee and cigars.

As mentioned, coffee comes in a large number of variants. There are some varieties of coffee which are hard and delicate in flavor, while some others offer stronger taste. Depending on similar traits present in both a cup of coffee and a cigar a regular smoker can choose how to pair the two. In simple words, the multiple alliances for discovering and testing can vary from person to person. Moreover, it also depends on experimentation for finding surprising combinations that can possibly result in knowing a wide range of flavors and impressions.

Though the cigars and coffee blending maybe of recent origin, it is evidenced that they do pair up perfectly. There are many different things in the world that enhance each other and the coffee and cigar pairing definitely can be one of them. For more information please visit