There are few courier services that can continue to stay in business just by moving small packages, which can easily be carried by hand. The need for diversification in the transportation industry has come to mean that more courier services are moving into the large-scale transportation industry. What does this mean, more clearly? Many companies that might have, in the past, offered standard delivery services are starting to focus their efforts into becoming a trucking company. However, you need special skills and competences to handle to move rental equipment for oil drilling projects, so you need to find the right company for you. Read on for a few tips on what to look for in an oilfield trucking company, and why it’s better to opt for rental equipment, instead of buying your own.


When starting work on a new construction project, it stands to reason that delineating a budget you can stick to, more or less, is your first priority. All you need to do is sit down and run some numbers, to find that buying specialized, heavy equipment will be a large expense. You need to carefully think about whether making this expense will be beneficial to your end goal, or if you’re setting yourself up for a budgeting disaster by overreaching. All pieces of heavy equipment start to decrease in value the moment the sale is complete, and repair and maintenance costs can throw your budget out the window completely. Getting rental equipment provides a more cost-effective solution, compared to buying your own equipment.


If you’re buying your own heavy equipment, you’ll also have to deal with the problems that arise from storing the equipment for the duration of your project. This can spell even larger costs for you—if you’re working on a large project, you need to rent out storage space for the machines, which will skyrocket your operation costs. Choosing to use rental equipment, on the other hand, will rid you of any storage woes. The trucking company whose services you’re employing will take charge of finding a storage space for the equipment.  The trucking company will also handle moving the machines from the project site to the storage area, so you can rest assured.


When you rent out your heavy machinery, instead of purchasing your own, you also rid yourself of all the costs associated with the maintenance and repairs of the equipment you’re renting. Large pieces of machinery can break down without any notice, even if they’re brand new, and the costs associated on repairing breaks or damages can be very high. Hiring a rental company will rid you of any such worries, and it will mean that if one of the machines you’re renting breaks down, you’ll have a new, functioning one delivered as soon as possible, so you’ll be able to continue your work with as little disruption as possible.


When you rent your heavy machinery, you also rid yourself of the process of finding professional, qualified heavy machine operators, as the rental company will have it’s own operators on staff, that it can subcontract to you. The rental equipment company is liable for the work of their operators, and they are responsible for providing the necessary training for operating heavy machinery, and for ensuring that all their operators have the appropriate certifications necessary.

Getting rental equipment for oilfield projects will lower your costs significantly. The rental company often doubles as a trucking company so they can provide the machines you need, move them from the construction site to the storage area, and rid you of many worries.