When it comes to gate automation most of us are just interested in the facilities offered, time required for installation and price. However, in order to make sure that we’re getting a system that is o high quality and which features the functions that we require it’s a good idea to study the market at least a little bit. We need to know what power to weight ratio is the best and which brands are reliable and worth investing in.

                Gate automation is one of the few upgrades to our property that we should seriously consider. The advantages of installing such systems should be more than obvious. The idea that we will be able to open and close the gates to our property at the push of a button isn’t something that we can take lightly. Even though it might not take all that much time and effort to get out of the car and do everything ourselves, manually, the fact is that, in the long run, the time wasted on such things can be put to better use. Furthermore, there are situations in which doing this manually will be more than just discomforting. We need only remember the situation in which we had to do this when it was raining or snowing outside, or when we needed to step in mud or puddles in order to do it. By picking a reliable automation system with good gate motors we can save a lot of time and effort that we can use to invest in something else.

                Which products can we rely on when it comes to gate automation and gate motors? In the United Kingdom we’ll be glad to have almost half a dozen brands to choose from. These range from BPT Fadini, BFT and CAME to Nice and FAAC. Each of these companies offer high quality products at affordable prices. What is the difference between them? Well, first and foremost, the range of products available, each with its specific use. It’s not a matter of which is the best of the best, since every single company is trying to provide the customers with the best quality for price. What really matters is which of the products on offer best suits our needs. This is the best and most reliable way to guide ourselves when it comes to making such a purchase.

                The most important thing that we have to take into account when it comes to purchasing gate motors is their power. This is usually expressed in the maximum weight of the gates that it can operate. The higher the power to weight ratio is, the better, without jumping the horse, of course. However, there are other features which are important as well. If we don’t want to wait a very long time from the moment we input the command for the gates to open till the time we can safely get through, then we need to find out the speed with which the gate automation system works. This involves the speed with which the inputted commands are processed, as well as the speed with which the motors operate.



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