iPod headphones are packaged with an iPod whenever you buy a new one from Apple but the trouble is that the stock headphones, although good, are not the best choice for everyone. Are you thinking of replacing your pearly white iPod headphones? Here are a few reasons and what to look for.

iPod headphones keep falling out - This is a common problem. Often the in ear style headphones are not shaped correctly for everyone's ears and because of this there are alternatives that you can try. The solid shape of the stock headphones from Apple are hard and do not change shape. There are other earbuds that you can find in a store that are a rubber and very pliable material. When you are looking just find the earbuds that have a little cone instead, better ones will come with three different cone sizes so that you can find the once that fits your ear best, staying in your ear but not hurting from pushing to hard on your ear.

iPod headphones hurt after a little while - This is the opposite of the problem above. Often for kids, or other people with small ears, the standard iPod headphone is just too big for your ears and there is no way around this except possibly to get an over the ear style of headphone if the pliable style headphones do not work.

To much outside noise when riding - I add this problem in as I have personally run into it. Please be aware that whenever you are listening to music or podcasts on the road walking or riding that you need to be more alert as you will not hear those small sounds that may signal danger. Anyway the wind whistles through the iPod headphones quite badly so you may need to change to an on the ear (not completely enclosed) style headphone. This will get rid of the whistling sound.

Noisy situations - Whenever I travel on a plane or a bus I find that the noise around me is a distraction and it is not important. In this case you should look at over the ear headphones that are noise canceling. Noise canceling headphones use a technology that counteracts that noise like jet engines or traffic or just conversation around you. The problem with noise canceling headphones is that they are active, this means they make a noise, and need a battery to work so keep a supply around.

I love that I can get a free pair of decent headphones with my iPod but am not sure they are always the best. For more tips and info you can check out headphone reviews to see if there are any headphones that would be better to use for you as well as upgrading to a better pair.

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