It is in our nature to look where we step so there is no surprise that rugs and mats can attract a lot of attention where there is traffic. Companies can build on their brand identity by placing custom floor mats and homeowners can welcome the guests that greet their house with their presence with custom floor rugs. How can they build on one’s image?


If we instinctively look where we step, why not use custom floor rugs and custom floor mats to promote businesses like offices, showrooms and private practices. Mats have long been used only to cover the floor and protect it from the dirt and the dust from outside. Nowadays, however, they have a more promotional purpose: to build on the brand identity and convey to the potential customers the company’s values and attention to details. So now, besides its functionality and aesthetic purposes, it can also promote and advertise the company through its logo.


How can a logo mat create a long lasting impression on potential customers? By printing a simple and smart logo on a high quality mat and placing it in a location with traffic where it is likely to attract attention. People may be skeptical with regards to the effectiveness of employing logo mats as a promotion tool and although logo mats might not be directly linked to higher sales, they can help build the company’s brand identity and ensure its success on the long term.


How to make sure it creates a long lasting impression? Make sure that the logo of your choice is striking enough to be remembered. Simplicity and a smart design might go a long way and be more easily remembered and likely to be recommended. In order for it to be efficient, the logo should also be placed straight at the center of the mat.

A logo mat is most efficient with new companies that can’t afford a costly advertising campaign. In that case, a striking custom entrance  mat can register in the minds of potential customers who will instinctively remember the company’s products when they see it again. A good personalized entrance mat will also convey to the customers the company’s values and its attention to details, and seeing as success in business is said to be founded on paying attention to the small things in life rather than to the larger things, it comes as no surprise that so far, these objects have proved to be efficient in advertising the company’s image at a low price and with minimum effort. So, by placing it in various places around the office, one can make sure that their image is associated with the attention to details and commitment to simplicity.

For more details on how to purchase custom floor rugs or custom floor mats, check out our website. Your business or home could benefit from the promoting and welcoming effect a logo mat can provide. Convey the right message to your customers and make the smart choice by choosing a simple and efficient promotion medium.