Some people prefer going on holidays to rest, sit in the sun, sip on a cocktail, while others prefer a more active holiday, involving riding their bike. In case you are thinking about the possibility of getting your bike on a plane, you should evaluate the options and find out the safest and most convenient manner. Bicycle bags are highly appreciated, because they help protect your bike and carry it with ease. A cardboard bike box is a cheaper alternative, usually available for free or in exchange of a small amount of money at the airport.

Everyone looks for something different when it comes to bicycle bags, as certain features mater more for some than for others. Before buying a bag, it is important considering characteristics that matter the most for you and evaluate your needs, the type of bike you have and your budget as well. There are various types of bags, suitable for all bike models and even designed out of sturdy materials, being hard cases which protect bikes even more. On the other hand, there is the cardboard bike box, suitable for occasional use and for those that might not care so much about their bikes.

More and more people are deciding on taking their bikes during their holidays, because they prefer riding their own and they want to experience new environments, terrains and simply enjoy an active lifestyle. With this is mind, manufacturers have developed highly intuitive and versatile bicycle bags, to facilitate transportation and even making it easier to carry the bike. At the airport, you usually have to wait in queues and you might have other luggage as well. Carrying a bike is not an easy task, but with the right bag or box, it can be done easier.

Some bicycle bags are lightweight, while others more robust and heavy, offering enhanced protection. In the end, you need to look over your expectations and what type of bag you prefer. Usually, those who have invested in their bikes are willing to spend more on a bag to protect it and they don’t care about costs. Using a bike bag is not difficult and manufacturers provide the needed instructions for better understanding. How you travel and the amount of luggage you have matters, because you need extra space and great usability if you want to be able to move around with the bike bag as well.

There are advantages in using a cardboard bike box as well, especially if you don’t have any preferences regarding extra features, design, shoulder straps and such. It is easy to find and some protection is offered, especially to fragile parts and derailleur. Offering some extra space, you can place other items within the cardboard bike box, in case you are going camping you can also carry sleeping bags and tents. When the journey is over and you don’t need the box anymore, simply throw it away or give it to someone else.

Using   bicycle bags , you can easily transport your bike around, wherever you travel. A very affordable option is also the   cardboard bike box .