Why is the cloud PBX the best phone system for business? It is the ideal option because it is able to streamline the business communications aspect of the company at a lower cost. With its advanced features, it is able to handle how the company makes and receives calls, and facilitates smooth communication within and outside the office.

Nevertheless, that is only scratching the surface. In addition to satisfying its purpose like a business phone system, it also has a big positive impact on building your company's credibility.

How does it do that? Here are two significant methods it improves your business image:

Gives you a Toll Free Number

Most providers own a few toll free numbers which can be passed on to their clients. In fact, it is easier to acquire toll free numbers from these providers because you only need to be a subscriber to order the needed numbers from their website. A cool toll free number can make your advertising more efficient by offering your customers a free method to call your business, thus adding credibility to your company.

And with a toll free number, great customer service, and a robust phone system for your business, your company image will surely obtain a big boost.

Advanced PBX Features

Remember the instances when PBX telephone systems for business are extremely pricey that only big corporations are able to afford it and apply it to their company? As a result, consumers tie advanced PBX systems to the image of large companies.

On the other hand, with the emergence of VoIP and cloud PBX, advanced phone systems for business are now within reach of small and medium sized companies. At this point, even when your procedures are small, you can use advanced PBX features for your business like:

. Music on hold - Play music while customer is on hold
. Auto attendant - Automatically answer calls and instructs caller about how they can reach the person or department they are looking for.
. Customizable greeting - Project a credible image by customizing the voice message that will greet all callers.

With one of these functions, customers may have the impression that you will be running an operation that's greater than it actually is.

Improve customer service

One of the best approaches to turn new customers to long term customers is by offering good customer service, and the right telephone systems for business can help you with that by:

. Allows customers to directly contact users through dial-by-name directories.
. Play music or custom messages while caller is on hold.
. Allows callers to leave voicemail messages if the person they're looking for isn't available.
. Makes it easier for your employees to produce follow-ups on customers due to the lower call costs.
. Automatically answering all calls to your company and routing it to the right person or department. Your customer will not hear a busy tone again.
. Unifies your company under one business number by allowing your company to assign virtual extensions to specific departments and users. Your clients will no longer need to memorize multiple numbers to contact your company.

Achieve efficiency with our advance business phone system. We also provide useful information regarding how phone systems for business works that will help your business with its communication needs.