There might be a slight chance that you have not heard about proximity as a service. The good news is that nowadays, you can benefit from beacon ios and track your customers in order to learn more about their shopping habits. Do not worry about privacy issues because this technology was designed to allow users to opt out if they want to. However, due to the fact that they will receive useful pop ups on their phones whenever they walk in a store that uses these ibeacons, they will most probably want to continue getting them. As a business manager, you have two options - to keep attracting and treating customers as you have been doing since you have opened the doors of your store or you can use this innovative technology.

If you were to keep doing things the way that you have been doing them, without knowing exactly what the customer wants, there are no advantages that you could benefit from. You do not know if your displays are configured properly, if your offers are good enough or if they are seen by the people that visit your shop. Also, you would not be able to guide them in the process of finding what they want to buy if you do not ask them. Some people like to be left alone and they do not really want to have anything to do with a sales assistant. The problem with not using proximity as a service is the fact that you will offer all of your customers a standardized service. The beacon ios allows you to change that.

The best part about using proximity as a service is the fact that you can get all the information you require about someone as soon as they enter your store. This means that you will have the opportunity to use the beacon ios that is on their phone to track their activity and see how they perceive your business. You can find out if your displays are well received, if the offers are helping your business and so on. Also, if you want to make sure that your customer is going to leave your store satisfied, you can send him customized pop ups depending on the isle that they are at and even the product that they are interested in.

So, let's say that they are looking at a toaster. You can send them a message that includes reviews of that certain product, more specifications and even tell them about other offers that they can check out in the same category of products. How fantastic would that be? You are not only making sure that the customer will buy something, but you are also doing everything possible to help him get exactly what he wants. This will certainly help you build a great reputation. If the customer is satisfied, he will surely tell others about your store!
If you want to take the smartest decision regarding the way you manage your business, then find out how you could use proximity as a service. With the help of the beacon ios, you can have access to the tools that will help you in this matter. Follow the right link, visit our website and find out how you can make it happen!