There are many ways to see the sights that make up the Lake District. There are bus tours that will let you see large areas at a time, but to see exactly what is there and make you feel that for a while you are part of the landscape, you could take part in Lake District walking tours, and see the plants and animals close up.


If you are able to walk for a few miles, it will be much better to take part in a tour that is carried out on foot. There will be more than a sense of achievement felt. It won’t be long before you understand why people come back time and time again, and why only the ones who really struggle to walk, with will travel by bus. The best of everything can be experienced when travelling with a guide, and there is also the fact that you will learn so much about the villages and countryside around you.


Having a map may allow you to find your way around, but it does not mean that you will be able to find the special little out of the way places that a tour guide will know about. When taking part in a Lake District guided walk, there will be lots of fun as well as the companionship of like-minded individuals. There are not just trees, mountains and rives to see, but a lot of architecture as well and many of the buildings will have exciting pasts.


It will be a shame to hear about a place in the future and realise that you walked past it on your walk, and did not know about its importance and did not have the chance to find out about it. A fully trained guide will not only educate you about what you are viewing, but will have the experience to answer any questions and make it seem like the most interesting place you have been to.


Lake District walking tours are not just about exercising the body, but giving the mind a good work out as well. Guides will be an additional expense when arranging a walk, and the group or individual should make sure that they are fully prepared. If the tour requires an overnight stay, food and individual accommodation should be provided for the guide. This will not come out of the fee for the tour unless stated.


Lake District guided walks should be pre booked as guides are in high demand a lot of the time. There are many variables that may affect the price that appears in a brochure — number of people, time of year, places to be visited — and this should be carefully discussed before a booking is made. Travelling expenses should be covered for the guide, and invoices should be paid promptly. There are two types of tour - one where the visitor goes to the guide and another where the guide is hired separately for the tour. The latter has much higher requirements so check what is involved before booking.


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