26, August 2015: With the rapid development of economic society, people’s material life has become richer. Instead of feeding and clothing themselves, the new generation is pursuing the satisfaction of the spiritual life. Joseph Clarks is an ordinary middle school student. Since he owned a Fosjoas twin-wheeled scooter V5, his student’s life has totally been changed. Thus, as a brand new way of travelling, Fosjoas self-balancing intelligent scooters also bring the new generation a new lifestyle.


Joseph Clarks was a British boy and studied in the middle school. He looked smaller and weaker than other classmates. Sometimes, several naughty boys played tricks on Joseph and other classmates might laugh at him. So, Joseph hated going to school and was afraid of getting on with classmates. But everything changed after his parents sent him a Fosjoas scooter V5. It was a birthday gift for Joseph. At the first sight of V5, the beautiful and hi-end appearance has made Joseph fall in love with it. He spent two hours reading instructions of Fosjoas electric scooters. He found that it was not very difficult to learn riding because of the inside smart chips of Fosjoas V5. The smart chips have adopted aerospace attitude control theory, fuzzy software algorithm and gyroscope system to realize self-balancing. When he was familiar with V5, he used it as his new vehicle. He still remembered the first time he rode V5 to go to school. His classmates soon gathered around him and asked the details of his new vehicle. Joseph felt so happy that his classmates began to play with him.


Later, Joseph could play more and more stunts on Fosjoas electric scooter V5. He was even invited to show his wheelies on the ceremony of year’s sports meeting. He had never felt so confident and being respected. Thanks to Fosjoas intelligent scooters. Owing to the intelligence and features, Fosjoas scooters will be the best choice for the new generation.

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