China; 10, June 2015: There is a massive availability of electronic devices with the advancement in technology. Tablets, phablets and smartphones have revolutionized the lives of people like never before. Run on electrical charge, the demand for wireless chargers offering unparalleled convenience have also gone up. Choe Technologies Co. Ltd offers a wide range of wireless chargers, Dual USB chargers and multiport USB chargers. It caters to the growing need for wireless charging technology with smart and clutter free wireless charging solutions.

Extensive use of tablets and smartphones also brings the necessity to charge them frequently. Choe Technology has wireless chargers available in a variety of colour, shapes and sizes. It has been among market leaders in retail availability, device compatibility, technological advancement and consumer experience. The choetech charger has an ability of charging at 1A max but majority of receivers on phone may work at nearly 600mAh to 800mA for avoiding over-heat.

Wireless charger from Choetech provides the facility to place the device almost anywhere. There is usually a wide charging area and the device starts charging after getting in touch with any of the three coils. These chargers have quite a slim charging pad made up of premium quality material. It can be placed beside a table lamp in the living room for charging devices comfortably while working. It is a secure and reliable charging solution suitable for students, professionals, artists, photographers and others.

The T511 Qi wireless charger is a new technology which removes the requirement for constantly changing wire and adapter. It has an in-built energy saver which goes into idle mode as soon as the device is taken away from wireless charging pad. The light and ultra slim design is both trendy and convenient. These wireless chargers can be placed at office or even near bedroom beside night lamp. It lowers the excessive trap of wires as otherwise present at workplace and home. The charger can be easily plugged into a wall outlet and the device which requires charging can be placed over it.

Choetech supports all of its wireless charger devices with 12 months of warranty period. The available Qi wireless charger for suitable devices is CE, ROHS and FCC compliant. There is a smart chip inside which protects it from short circuit, overvoltage and overcharging. The mobile power bank offers a flawless portability along with qualcomm quick charge 2.0 technology. USB solar charger and car charger products are also available at reasonable prices. The customer services team welcomes queries and questions of people with suitable answers regarding the available products and services.

About Choe Technologies Co. Ltd:

Choe Technologies Co. Ltd is a China based developer of comprehensive wireless charging technology. All of the products available come with one year of warranty support against any manufacturing defect. For customers, there is 24×7 hassle free service support without any hassle. Visit the website for more information on the products offered.

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