Chitrangada Singh wants to live Amitabh Bachchan’s life for a day!

The very gorgeous and sultry ChitangadaSingh, was at her candid best on UTV STARS’ Live My Life! She confessed on the show that she is a huge fan of Amitabh Bachchan and pleaded the production team to let her live his life for an entire day, on the show!

20 year old Sumit, a die-hard fan of Chitrangada Singh was offered the opportunity to live her life for an entire day! The day was exciting to say the least. As part of his itinerary, Sumit met Sudhir Mishra, Chitrangada’s very close friend and director, her stylist, Rick Roy and her physical trainer. The meeting with Sudhir was quite eventful. Sudhir spoke about Chitrangada at length. He even spoke about how she was chosen for the role of Geeta in ‘HazaaronKhwaisheyAisi’! Sumit absorbed each and every detail with a lot of eagerness. The highlight of his day, however, was a surprise visit by Chirangada herself! After being informed that she wouldn’t be able to meet him, Chitrangada dropped in to surprise the fan in his hotel room! Sumit was overwhelmed to say the least! They spent some quality time with each other and concluded the special meeting with a Mexican dance!

Tune in to this fun filled episode of Live My Life 2, featuring Chitrangada Singh and her biggest fan, on 6th January 2013, at 7pm, only on UTV STARS!