If you love your cars its possible you have dreamed of owning some Chip Foose cars. These great motor vehicles are amazingly designed, well made and have a price tag to match. It is easy to see why some of the super rich names on Foose's customer list have kept his services. He really does have an eye for remarkable designs.

Although technologies have improved considerably and the modern car is much more comfortable to drive than old versions it seems that we have lost something. In the old days, cars were more unique. Think back to the movies made in the 1950's and early 60's and you may probably recall various types of cars that inspired entire generations. Certainly there weren't many cars on the road at least not compared with today but somehow these types of models had class that is missing from new versions. New cars all seem to look the same.

This is where Chip Foose cars break the mold. Even though they are brand new they keep a design usually associated with bygone eras. Such vehicles are not designed just to get you from A to B at the fastest speed possible. Instead they seem to be designed for those that like to drive their cars. They would like to be seen in a make and model which spells luxury and class. Whether it is sports inspired P32 or a Grandmaster, the drivers of these cars are looking to make a good impression.

In fact the Foose website claims the purpose is make people "take notice" and they really do accomplish that. Even the names of the range of Chip Foose cars are out of the ordinary. There is an idea range, F100, Stallion and also the Grandmaster, P 32 and possibly the best known as a result of the TV program the Hemisfear. Why not check it out now?

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