Nowadays products from China valve manufacturers are sweeping the market, because of their low cost matched with high efficiency and superior quality. They manufacture a variety of water valves like gate valve, ball valve, butterfly valve, globe valve, check valve to name a few. They deliver their products both within the country and internationally and have built up their reputation with dedicated service to clients for over a decade. They serve both domestic and commercial contracts, so they would perfectly fit the bill, if you are looking for valves for your new home or for that matter your new real estate project.


China valve manufacturers produce a variety of gate valves from different materials to suit your unique purpose. Water valves made from cast iron are used both in commercial and industrial applications. The body of the valves is made up of cast iron and ductile iron with either metal seated or resilient seated. Its epoxy coating or paint coating helps to fight rust more efficiently. The valve can handle with ease both hot and cold water, HVAC, steam and gas flow. It has a pressure rating of Class125/ Class 150; PN10/PN16. The end types are FF, RF, socket end. It can be operated via a hand wheel, wrench nut or a gearbox depending upon the application.


The cast steel globe valves are highly efficient as water valves and are specialized to handle services requiring frequent throttling, if there is a pressure drop across the valve by about 20% of inlet pressure. The China valve manufacturers do not compromise on quality and they make their products available in the market with a variety of trims to match service requirements. The valves are usually made up of carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel or duplex steel and either have a bolted bonnet or a beveled wedge disc. They are either paint coated or you can get it painted with natural colors. Apart from hand wheel and gearbox, they can be operated electrically and pneumatically.


The China valve manufacturers have designed the forged steel floating ball valve. The international standardization of API 608 is followed strictly. These types of water valves are available in 2-piece and 3-piece split body. They are specially designed to handle middle and high pressure as these are built from stainless steel, forged carbon steel, alloy steel or duplex steel. They come with either bolted bonnet or split body or with a floating ball inside. The product’s credibility is further enhanced as it has a blow-out safe system with an integrated fire safe design.


The China valve manufacturers also make butterfly valves and check valves along with strainers. The high performance butterfly water valves are industry favorites as these are efficient enough to bear severer conditions such as high temperature and high pressure, well suited to handle steam, gasoline, natural gas, jet fuels and hydrocarbon process lines. The manufacturers have reliable logistic support to transport consignment to you either by air or by sea, as per your request. You need not worry about damage of goods as the consignments are safely packed in a standard plywood case with professionalism.

Some of the most efficient water Valves are the butterfly valves and the steel globe valves. Products from a China valve manufacturer come at a low price but without compromising on quality.

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