China - MR. Fan is the purchasing manager of famous 1688 purchase agent As four years¡¯ working experience in this area, he already got many gained knowledge about how to source products from China. That should be main reason why he could get more clients from now on.

Mr. Fan said that his daily job is to select the commodities the foreign client wants to purchase from these online shops. After this step, these online shops will send their ordered products to Mr. Fan¡¯s company. Then, there will be professional employees who will inspect these commodities one by one according to the buyer¡¯s order. If there are no problems about these products, these products will be packaged and postal by EMS and other logistics channels to each purchaser¡¯s address. Among all of these jobs, the most important one should be finding excellent and sincerity goods supplier. However, as many years¡¯ experience, the China 1688 wholesale agent already gathers enough supplying sources from China.

From the present situation, MR Fan told us the only downside of their business, which is about the goods return and changing. The time for product delivery from the domestic service companies to foreign countries should be at least one week or more than a month. If the foreign purchaser from USA or other country wants to return and change their commodity, it will be a waste of longer time. That is why the Chine purchase agent tries their best to optimism their goods supplying channel. They need to get cooperation with high quality goods supplier.

From now on, the company of MR Fan was established about five years and the average orders volume of them has increased to twenty or thirty per day. Five years ago, there are many foreign people who purchaser products directly from China. Now, more and more foreign friend begin to buy these cheap price Chinese products from . This trend is due to the economic downturn in Europe and America and more and more consumers prefer to purchase products by cheaper ways. This should be also very good opportunity for English TAOBAO agent.

Other industry insiders also express that the China purchase service is very suitable for countries of Middle East, EU, ASEAN and other countries. These countries have high light industrial products prices and weak light industrial chain. However, there will be higher demands of the domestic purchasing.

In a word, the business of English TAOBAO agent will become better and better in the near future.

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