Korean - The engineer from famous China led warehouse lights manufacturer and supplier www.lightledhighbay.com said that the inexpensive LED lighting products from China has quickly became hot selling goods from South Korea's major shopping malls and supermarkets. This kind of situation could greatly cause into the concerns of many South Korea's companies and enterprises.

It is understood that Most of China LED products in the market of South Korean are all wearing half-price concession banner to get greatly promotion effect. In front of the huge price offensive of Chinese LED lighting, the sales volume of Korea domestic LED products seems very badly. The sales manager from famous China manufacturer said:¡± There are many large lighting companies in Korean prefer to import the led high bay lights and other related products from us or other related China manufacturers. The price of the local products of Korean is generally at 7 thousands won which is about 42 RMB while THE PRICE of China LED lamps are less than five thousands won which is about 30 RMB."

For these China LED companies who have the strong willing to enter into the international market t, the market share increasing of these China companies should be no doubt the good time to opening the Korean market. Although Chinese products in the Korean market showed some advantages, the background and current status of the development of the Korean market during these past many years should be required course for these China enterprises. Korean's electronics industry development is very famous around the world. These enterprises already firmly occupied the Korean domestic market.

In the field of LED lighting industry in Korea, their government formulated the policy which Korean's penetration rate could reach to 30 percent at 2015. They will first change all their traffic lights, billboards and other outdoor displays into the led high bay product. This government policy accelerates the China LED enterprise's entering into the market of South Korean.

This kind of situation is not only commonly in the market of Korean but also spread into many other developed and developing countries such as America, Russia and other Europe countries. With the gradually popular of the LED products, this trend will become more and more commonly and the China manufacturer and supplier lightledhighbay.com will try their best to improving their production.

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