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Female Diviner of Caravaggio

The first hot selling wholesale group paintings from Refine Gallery should be Female Diviner which created by Caravaggio. Now, this famous oil painting has been possessed by the Louvre in Paris. This oil painting could represent the early style of famous Caravaggio. The painting depicts a wandering gypsy woman who is checking the palmistry for an aristocracy. This is a common street scene. These two characters gaze at each other. The noble youth wear a feather hat and he is looking at this gypsy woman with contempt and provocative eyesight. Although the gypsy woman is very underprivileged, her eyesight is looked very self-esteem wisdom. By contrast, people could find that aristocratic young show with people the flashy superficial style.

This is genre painting with some styles of portrait painting. The layout of this painting makes the characters become more concise prominent. As the painter eliminated all unnecessary detail depicting, it makes the personalities of the character become more distinct and eyes and gestures of these character become more compelling . People who are the bottom of society had been painted by this famous Italy painter should be the first time in the history of Italian paintings.

Christina's World of Wise

The second hot selling oil painting reproduction should be the Christina's World painted by Wise from American at 1948. Now, this oil painting has been stored at New York’s Museum of Modern Art. This painting is masterpiece of this century’s most famous American realist painter whose name is Wise. Because of this oil painting, Wise became well-known American realist painter. This work depicts Christina Olson who had got the Polio dragging himself in vast cornfield by crawling limbs below the waist. The loneliness and strong characteristic which has been presented from this oil painting let the world become moved.

For Wise who is the creator of this famous oil painting, she was a noble and dignified model and she refused to use a wheelchair. She preferred to live in filthy rather than raised by other people. The Olson House on the hillside of this oil painting now became one of Maine’s most famous tourist attractions. Today, this painting has become one of America's classic representative paintings.

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