Shanghai, China — Doing business overseas can be risky, but armed with the right knowledge, and contacts many of the pitfalls of doing business in China can be prevented. China Direct announced last August that the firm launched a new service to manage outsourcing to China, which is managed by American trade professionals working on the ground to oversee critical procurement processes. A company spokesman said back then, “The Company will serve as a working partner with eyes, ears and hands that can protect the client’s interests within the Chinese business environment. In contrast to other services, without American presence, but solely managed by Chinese trade staff, misunderstandings and mistakes from lack of oversight can negate many of the cost savings of doing business within China”.

Based upon their prior success, the firm now wants to complement their service portfolio with strategic information trade reports. The company spokesman said, “due to persistent demand for information from companies wishing to do everything themselves, China Direct has made preparations to assist firms who want to move production to China. To aide in this process, our firm will be offering trade reports based on product or industry type that contains detailed information on china manufacturing companies. The purpose of the data will be to provide all the data necessary to help clients quickly develop short-lists of potential highly qualified suppliers. The reports will include contact information that can be used to initiate their due diligence process and quickly select a proven and reliable china manufacturing vendor. These reports provide high value to our clients because they can provide a means to select safe and reliable vendors”.

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China Direct provides professional trade expediter facilitation services to assist American companies locate and import quality, price-competitive products in the manufacturing, wholesale, retail and public service industries. Their vision is to be the worldwide leader in China sourcing services. They work relentlessly to help clients find the China products or manufacturing firm that is just the right fit.

China Direct works with inventors and entrepreneurs, and can assist with prototyping services and new product development, and have seen client companies succeed and flourish throughout the entire product development life cycle. The company has imported products for stores, small online retailers, and wholesale distributors, and throughout the years have established relationships with trustworthy global sources in a broad range of industries. The company is dedicated to providing trustworthy manufacturing sources for products from A to Z, which is a key factor for a reliable long-term satisfactory relationship and mutual success.

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