Zhejiang, China; 13, April 2015: With over 20 years of blow molding machine and plastic injection mould manufacture history, ZheJiang HongZhen Machine Mould Group has been endeavoring to fuel the growth of the global industries. The company has a variety of blow molding and injection machines that has a wide application in industries, such as drinking bottle industry, pharmaceutical packing and plastic product industry. An entrepreneur from anywhere in the world can procure a Blow Molding Machine and can set up an industry in their respective places. 

The spokesperson of the company reveals that all these machines have adorable features that are aimed at improving the output at a low cost. For example, their Pet Blow Molding Machine consumes the least energy and helps establish the fastest and easiest production line. With a large volume and high speed production capacity, the machine could prove helpful for anyone to set up an industry in a profitable manner. With Siemens PLC, the machine features high quality standards and can be perfect for high precision and flexible production of various products. The machine comes with a water cooling system and thus eliminates the cost of having an additional water chiller for a fast and constant production of goods. 

According to the spokesperson, they ship machines all across the world in safe packaging and with all installation instructions. The 3000bph automatic blowing machinecan produce goods in an automatic environment and could prove very useful in maintaining a simple production line of quality products. The company’s machines feature low pressure consumption, and a low operating pressure makes the production task smooth and stress-free. 

ZheJiang HongZhen Machine Mould Group endeavors to maintain affordable pricing of all machines, with an aim to help global entrepreneurs to set up flourishing industries to cater to the needs of their local markets. One can request for quotes from the company to procure a blow molding machine or an injection molding machine at an affordable cost. To learn more about the machines and for requesting a quote, one may visit the website http://www.hongzhen.com/ 

About China ZheJiang HongZhen Machine Mould Group Co., Ltd: 

ZheJiang HongZhen Machine Mould Group is ISO 9001 and CE international quality authentication enterprise, with more than 20 years blow molding machine and different plastic injection mould manufacture history. Today, the company’s products successively attain 86 national patents and 5 international awards. The company has 700 staff with more than 150 high-level technical personnel. 

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