Tianjin, China; 05, July 2016: Established in August 2000, Tiansteel Company has been engaged in the manufacturing and supply of steel pipes and steel tubes around the world. The company announces to supply high quality products at affordable prices. Moreover, they assure of delivering steel tubes, steel sheets and steel pipes in any quantity throughout the year. According to the spokesperson of the company, they have an annual production capacity of 10,800 metric tons to meet the demand of their client companies from different parts of the world.

Seamless Steel Pipes

The company produces seamless steel pipes, using quality ASTM grade steel. With hot rolled and cold drawn production technique, they produce high grade steel pipes that have their useful application in a number of industries. They produce steel pipes in varied lengths, ranging between 2m and 12 m, with their outer diameter in the range of 21.3mm to 1120mm. The pipes come with a significant wall thickness between 2.5mm and 60mm, and are suitable for various industries.

The spokesperson reveals that they supply precision steel tubes that are suitable for hydraulic cylinder, automobile, oil drilling and other applications. The cold rolled tube is manufactured using the cold drawn precision technique and can be found in different material grades. They can supply steel tubes in custom lengths and the heat treatment can also be customized as per the customer’s requirements. With the outer diameter ranging between 4mm and 160mm, these tubes can exhibit a very high tolerance limit.

Tiansteel Company’s stainless tubes are particularly high in demand because of their quality standards. The tubes are available in different shapes of square, round, oval and other special shapes to meet customer’s specific industrial needs. These tubes have their varied applications in the fields of handrail, railing, staircases, doors, windows, fencing, balconies, furniture etc. They produce these tubes with a specific material composition, including carbon, silicon, nickel and other materials that ensure a higher tensile strength and yield strength.

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About Tianjin Tiangang Northern Steel Trade Co., Ltd:

Tiansteel Co., Ltd was established in August of 2000. The company is located in the Tianjin Doli economic development zone, and is engaged in manufacturing and exporting Steel Pipes and Steel Sheets, with the annual capacity of 10,800 metric tons. The company’s products include medium and small diameter hot-rolled seamless tube, specially alloyed seamless tube, cold-rolled and cold drawing seamless tube, medium and large diameter high frequency ERW pipe, large diameter SAWL pipe, etc.

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