Delhi, India, December 16, 2009 Chily Softech Private Limited, the makers of cost-effective and Enterprise level Network management and Server management software solutions, today announced the release of Chily Active Directory Management and Reporting software - an efficient and easily manageable software to work with the administration of Windows based domains and Active Directory objects. The tool facilitates the administrator to manage any number of domains, workstations, users, printers, shares and other resources on the Network.

Day to day activities of an administrator pertaining to Active Directory and workstations on Network makes the job weary where the work load increases due scattered jobs in Windows Active Directory management. Chily Active Directory Management and Reporting becomes the central location to administer almost every Active Directory function and Microsoft Management Console (MMC) snap-ins by governing Domain(s), Computer(s), User(s) and Resource(s).

The user-friendly Windows explorer like interface of the software out-stands other Active Directory management tools. User‘s account management, Groups management, Audit policies, Account policies, Schema management, WMI management, Registry, management of Distributed File System, Sessions, Shares, User rights, Networks, Domain Controllers, Organization Units are easily put into practice for a domain with remote connectivity feature like WakeOnLan. The WakeOnLan feature enables the administrator to boot up a Computer on Network through one mouse-click and then executing the commands to perform various operations.

The tool for perfect Active Directory User management makes easy for administrators by generating output-driven reports for Users, Groups, Computers, Organizational Units, Group Policy Objects, and Logon activities for a specified period of time.

Let us take a note towards the key features of Chily Active Directory Management and Reporting software:

  • Manage multiple Domains
  • Direct assignment of Policies to entire Domain
  • Effective management of Groups, Users,
    Computers with moving and copying Users and Groups from one location to another.
  • System/Network management through WMI
  • Management of Distributed File Systems
  • Management of Users for Printers, Shares, Registry, Events, Devices, Disk Space, System tools, TCP Utilities, Sessions, Local Connections, User Rights, Open Files, Personal Attributes, Audit Policy and Account policy, System Performance, Scheduled Jobs, and WMI.
  • Management of User Logon and Logoff hours
  • Management of Domain(s) for Schema management, Universal groups, Global groups, Local groups, All users, All computers, Domain controllers, and Containers/Organizational Units.
  • Generate and save Reports for Users, Groups, Password Policies, Computers, Organizational Units, Group Policy Object activities, User accounts, Logon activities, and Printer management.
  • And many other functions which makes the daily administrative tasks simple and easy.
  • With the un-ending benefits and features, Chily Active Directory Management and Reporting software is all set to mark its presence amongst the old players and giving a tough competition to provide easy, effective and user-friendly features and functions for daily administrative tasks. Users can immediately download the 30-day trial version of the software to get quick overview of the features and functions. Users can also purchase the licensed version of the tool to get advantages of saving and printing the reports which is a demo limitation of Free evaluation version.

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