Going to family court can be daunting and emotionally distressing, yet parents have to perform at the worst possible time. Family Court Coaching developed as a result of a friends dreadful, d expensive experiences at court over several years. The service saves parents time and money, offers vital emotional support and teaches parents to represent themselves and be better parents.

Michael Watson, an experienced child care professional of over 26 years, expert court witness and author of the book “ How to represent yourself in family court” has launched a unique service that provides parents with information, emotional support and coaching to represent themselves at family court proceedings now that the laws have changed and people cannot get legal aid for family dispute cases.

Michael Watson said “Going to court shortly after experiencing a separation is distressing and daunting. Many parents as a consequence are far too emotionally upset to positively represent themselves. But the end of legal aid for parents in dispute concerning their child, will very likely result in thousands of parents being caught between a rock and a hard place. They either have to pay a small fortune in solicitors’ fees or opt for ‘DIY’ representation."

The inspiration giving rise to the family court coaching service developed as a result of a friend of Mr Watson’s experience of being dragged through the family courts which cost her over £20,000 in solicitors fees as a result of leaving her abusive partner and taking their child with her. The amount was so high due to the ex-partner taking her back to court time and time again.

Mr Watson states that his friend’s experience, although fairly unusual was by no means an isolated one, since many parents are pulled back to the court on numerous occasions and the costs begin to spiral out of all control.

The Family Court Coaching Service has been set up to help parents save on the expense because the service is not provided by a solicitor, but instead a Child care family court expert.

“I teach parents the skills and knowledge they need to learn represent themselves at court. I offer the much needed emotional support because it really is a very emotionally distressing time for parents. They can be traumatised by events inside and out of court and at such times parents are rarely at their best, frequently experiencing a degree of confusion about their predicament and a lack of knowledge about what DIY representation entails. As a consequence I plan to hold some free half day workshops as they offer parents an opportunity to understand and better prepare for self representation and the family court process.”

One of the biggest benefits however relates to the impact that the coaching has on improving parenting skills and this is hugely advantageous to parents and children throughout a family’s life.

Here’s what a recent parent had to say about the service she received from Family Court Coaching Service.
‘The family court coach challenges you and gets you to really think about what’s best for your children. He understands the players and roles they perform and so can tell you what to expect. The coaching he offers inspires confidence, which you need especially when it’s frightening and confrontational. It’s all about preparation, being able to perform and receiving the practical and emotional support that he offers in abundance.’

Michael Watson now has a dedicated website with lots of useful information and contact details for the service http://www.familycourtcoaching.co.uk

Contact : http://www.familycourtcoaching.co.uk

email: [email protected]