People who wish to gain more energy, restore their health and relax their mind can now buy the essential qigong (chikung) exercises  that are responsible for the self-healing process on DVD as well as a perfect present for themselves or their loved ones for Christmas.

This is a series of simple yet highly effective qigong exercises that enhance people’s immune system, fills the body up with energy so that it can start the self-healing process. The ancient qigong moves were studied, used and perfected by Elizabeth Hovirag who has practiced several types of qigong for more than 15 years. Thus she was able to put together a highly effective series that anybody can do with ease and which brings quick results.

As she has more than 25 years’ experience teaching a wide range of age groups from 5 up to 85, she is a highly experienced teacher whose instructions can be easily followed and performed by anyone — be it a slow or a fast learner. Due to her expertise her teaching is highly successful and people attend her courses from all over the world — from Australia to Europe and America.

In a PBS documentary, Dr. Wang Chong Xing from the Shanghai Institute of Hypertension said that after 30 years of study, “We think Chi Kong can cure every kind of disease, some responding better than others.” Also, Richard medical doctor and author says the following about the qigong exercises: “…by moving Chi through the body, you can heal yourself of many ailments.”

The DVD is shipped world-wide and can be ordered through  where one can also read testimonials from those who already purchased either the course or the DVD. Elizabeth points out that this qigong method is effective on all areas of life. It helps people bring balance into their lives, clean the clutter in their minds, thus start creating the life they really want, clean the emotional garbage from their body, thus they feel relieved and joyful besides helping their body heal itself from any kind of diseases.

With the system having helped so many people from so many different countries from around the world, Elizabeth suggests the best way for people to make use of the Chikong Made Easy exercises is to follow the instructions word by word. They need to do the exercises in order to experience the change in their lives. So for example if one simply practices one part of the system, one will be successful in the long run, while if one does the whole system, they will see results within the first week of their practice.

The reason why there are several exercises put into a series is to guarantee both a quick change, and a long-term one. My typical customer is on their 3rd time with the process, with many over 10 times, and most of them are now on their 30th+ time through. So this is not something you are just aiming to buy, and then read through to just add more information into your mind. One of the key parts of the process is in fact repetition — that is continuous practice”.

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