Chicago, June 20, 2014: Garry Novak is a highly respected lawyer in Chicago who has always been recognized for offering his professional help to people on complex legal issues. Now, he has announced to offer free consultation on issues related to divorce and will help couples to part their ways in an amicable manner.

Attorney Garry maintains that divorce related matters often become very complex when children are also involved. This is the reason why this child custody lawyer in Chicago endeavors to suggest the best solution where the future of the children of the separating couples can be secured. “In my years of legal career, I have come across several complex issues related to child custody. My free consultation focuses on bringing the legal ways for a parent to secure the custody of his or her child, and which of course should be the best solution for a child’s future,” he states.

The Chicago divorce attorney believes in offering the best legal solutions at affordable fees. He and his Law Firm try to resolve the marital discord issues between the couples and suggest them the best way to come out of the problem. Their free consultation is aimed at educating couples who have no idea about the legal consequences of divorce. The consultation may encompass a host of issues, including filing for a divorce application, requesting for alimony, fighting for child custody and a host of related topics.

Legal experts often suggest people to learn about the intricacies of divorce before filing an application in the court. And the free consultation will help couples to clear their doubts to make their mind up for filing for the divorce.

Besides, Attorney Garry also discusses the important advice to follow when searching for a lawyer. People who don’t have an idea about legal affairs and who have never hired a lawyer before can benefit from his practical advice. He has recently released a YouTube video revealing important points to follow while searching for a divorce attorney in Chicago.

About Garry Novak:

Garry Novak is a reputed lawyer in Chicago who primarily focuses on cases related to DUI, Bankruptcy, Divorce, Criminal Defense, and Administrative Law. He and his firm have extensive experience in these areas. They believe in providing the best possible legal defense for reasonable fees.

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