China; 07, March 2015: Wire cutters and strippers serve a variety of purposes in factories, production units and warehouses. It is used by large scale and small scale enterprises in medical and automobile industries. Cheers Electronic is a company which specializes in the production of machines used as wire cutters and wire strippers. It has a specialized research and development department with expert group of dedicated professionals. Among its wire harness technologies, the wire cutter machine and crimping machines are flagship products.

The pneumatic wire stripper model QS-2015C has been a proven machine used by several customers to process wires and cables. It operates with highly fast cycle times and features a universal blade system which removes time consuming changeovers. The key features of the utility machine are absolute precision, extreme cost effectiveness and a brief return on investment for the user. It has a compact and slender design allowing the use of many units on a single workstation. It is highly efficient while processing wire harness and multiple core cable.

The tape binding machine is another flagship product from the wire cutter and stripper manufacturer company. Weighing 20 kg, it is suitable for binding insulation tape on the wire connecting point for automobile harness. It is suitable to replace the traditional manual binding technique. The adjustable tape length depends upon the thickness of processed material. Among the specifications, the tape width is 19-50 mm while the flexible length of the tape transmission is 40mm-60mm.

Sealing machine model FC1 features a PLC control system maintaining extreme precision and high speed for the user. There is also a crimp applicator PDM-01D model specially designed for loosen terminal. The automatic crimping wire machine has a compact design and simple computer touch screen operation. Functionalities include cutting the wire, single end stripping, one end crimping, both ends stripping, crimping and tinning. It provides high definition and speed along with simple maintenance.

There are also manual crimping tool products for the customers. It adopts a dual action normal cylinder which realizes a stable crimping force and speed. Cheers Electronic is committed to offer cost effective wiring harness machines for home appliances, electronics and automobile. It focuses on prioritizing quality, innovative growth and highest standards of customer service. The company mainly operates in the markets of Japan, Korea, Middle East, North America, Southeast Asia, Europe, South America, Australia, Russia, Africa and others. It was established in the year 2008.

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Cheers Electronic Technical Co. Ltd develops an array of wire harness machines to cater to the requirements of different industries. It welcomes customers for visit and enquiry as per their choice and convenience. It strives to produce noting less than high quality products and deliver them at affordable rates to the customers. Visit the website for more information on the products offered.

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