08, February 2016: Sometimes, people lose heart or become frustrated when they are faced with some setbacks in life. Life can be uneven but hope will forever exists if people can become enough brave and strong. And riding with Airwheel X8 single-wheeled electric scooter helps people to keep strong and positive. There is a rider who recently broke up with his girlfriend, which nearly killed him. At first, he felt himself vulnerable to such loss of love and became gloomy all day long. However, he finally regained the power and hope towards life after his riding experience with Airwheel X8 electric scooter, which was given by one of his friend.


In order to escape the suffering from the pain in heart, he takes on a crazy Airwheel scooter riding with X8. At first, he hardly adapted himself to the standing-posture riding on the single-wheeled scooter and had difficulties in physical coordination. But the strength from his heart caused by the loss of love drove him to keep riding with the Airwheel X8 single-wheeled electric scooter and he made up his mind to ride the single-wheeled electric scooter with much proficiency.

Airwheel X8 single-wheeled electric scooter provides him a very tough and unforgettable riding experience. The robust design style gave him the masculine power and the power in heart, and the tremendous and explosive power of Airwheel X8 single-wheeled self-balancing scooter enabled him to experience the real speed and passion, which was exciting and trilling to him. The pleasures and fantastic riding experience with Airwheel X8 actually inspired the power and strength in his heart, and helped him to get rid of the shadow from the loss of love.


Now the rider regains the passion and power towards life and is able to move forwards with strength and hope in heart. Thanks to the riding experience with the robust Airwheel X8 electric scooter, the ride finally become as strong ad the robust Airwheel X8.

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