It is a fully featured software that supports nearly all of the Web 2.0 technologies such as MySQl, xAjax, Red5 and Flash. It provides many advanced features. The software is highly customizable and can deal with high traffic without any issues. The company is already flooded with orders. The spokesperson of the company tells us that their software is specially designed for commercial purposes. Many interactive video chat websites such as marriage portals have already installed it. It has received a very impressive and favorable end-user feedback during the initial phase. Unlike other new software, this new video chat software is totally free of bugs and glitches.

The software supports both Adobe Flash and Red5. This ensures that your website is viewable on all platforms. Most of the other similar software is built entirely on Flash. It means that by using them, you will lose a large audience that uses iPad and other Apple devices, since flash is not supported by Apple.

The advanced control features of their software have provisions for separate public and member areas. It also allows you to login under various categories, viz. member, performer, admin, affiliate or studio. All of these account types have different control options. He claims that their easy-to-use system negates any requirement of special training for your staff or affiliates.

He also informed us that their video chat software comes bundled with many freebies. Currently they are giving away free script installation on your new or existing website. They will also provide you with free domain name and hosting. If that isn‘t enough, they will also help you with any payment gateway integration, for no charge. Their offer also includes free future updates.

The software is fully compatible with all payment gateways. It supports every payment option from credit cards to SMS and phone billing. They also provide free support. All this means that now you will not have to hire any expert consultant to start up your home business. The spokesperson says that many new social networking portals are gaining the edge by installing their software on their websites.

About is an excellent provider of video chat software that can be installed on your website. It is best suited for PPV and PPM business models. Currently they are providing free domain name and free website, video and audio hosting along with their script. It is based on Red5 and Flash and is operable on every major platform including Windows, Mac and Linux. It comes with free support and installation. Their software is gradually becoming very popular.

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