(Free Press Release) Rhinoplasty, commonly known as Nose Job is the second most sought after procedure in UK after Breast Augmentation. The ever rising cost of plastic surgery has made many a people look for high quality yet cheap rhinoplasty abroad. Many medical tourists from USA, UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Ireland and many western countries are now heading to India for cheap and affordable nose job.

The main reason why people are finding India cheapest destination for rhinoplasty is the availability of cosmetic plastic surgery at remarkably low prices. Statistics clearly indicate India‘s medical tourism sector showing an annual growth rate of 30% and with plastic surgery available at cheap prices; people are seeking rhinoplasty in India. More and more people either choose rhinoplasty as a single cosmetic procedure or choose to get along with cosmetic make-over such as facelift or blepharoplasty or chin augmentation etc.

The most important reason to choose India for rhinoplasty plastic surgery is the ever improving international standards of healthcare services and delivery. Rhinoplasty is best done at state-of-the art cosmetic surgery centers that have best infrastructure and are well equipped with latest technologies that are on par with any other world class facility. Besides world class infrastructure and technology, the expertise of plastic surgeons is another reason why people choose India for plastic surgery. Thus one finds a bundled plastic surgery package with best plastic surgeons at an amazingly low cost in India.

Before one decides to undergo nose reshaping under a surgeon‘s knife, the topmost question on the mind is “how much does rhinoplasty cost in India”? On comparing the cost of rhinoplasty in India with the costs in UK, USA and other European countries, one would come to know a wide price range in the costs. Whereas rhinoplasty costs £3,500 or $6,125 in UK, $ 10,000 in USA, $12000 in Australia, the cost of nose job in India starts from only$ 1100. Thus rhinoplasty costs less than a third of what one would pay in the western countries. Therefore cost is one of the most important reasons why people consider India while opting for plastic surgery overseas.

Besides all the aspects of quality, infrastructure and availability of nose reshaping at affordable prices in India, another factor that leaves no barrier for undergoing rhinoplasty in India is language. With English speaking doctors, hospital staff and personnel, the foreigners are not likely to face language barrier in India. Thus India is a hot favorite destination among medical tourists seeking Rhinoplasty overseas.

Once it has been decided to undergo a nose job in India, one must get in touch with a reputed medical tourism company in India to know about the knitty-gritty of undergoing rhinoplaty in India. This includes the choice of city, the qualifications and experience of plastic surgeon, the hospital facility, travel and stay and errands in a new country. One must take into account all the aspects before embarking on journey for nose reshaping in India.

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