California, USA - San Clemente Self Storage, a the leading provider of self storage rental units in the city of San Clemente CA for the past 14 years, is currently offering a San Clemente Cheap Storage  Spring Cleaning Rent Special — Get 15% off of all Rental Rates Now.  It is anticipated, that this type of rental discount will cause the existing inventory of rental storage units to fill up quickly, so time is of the essence!

Those living in the San Clemente area in California can certainly delight in the fact that they are very close to an individual storage facility that guarantees satisfaction.  San Clemente Self Storage is a company that has never failed to meet the expectations and demands of its growing number of clients.  Such feat, however, would not have been possible if the company’s management has not done its job excellently.  Aside from this, it is also clear that the facility itself and the quality of the service are two vital factors for its success.

Storage fees at San Clemente Self Storage have always been very competitive for the residents in the area.  Apparently, these are not too high and are within reach of the people in this part of California.  However, the management has decided to make its service even more appealing.  According to Steve Gardner, who is the general manager, they have cut the standard rental rates by up to 15 percent.  This consequently makes the company’s services the cheapest in the region.  Gardner explains though that even if the rates of their services have been made cheaper, the quality of the service remains the same, if not, has even become much better.

For those who are interested of getting their big ticket items transported to the facility, San Clemente Self Storage can provide a free use of their moving trucking.  The company also provides the driver and it covers the expenses for gas.  Apparently, such deal is one that people in the area can never ignore. This makes moving and storing of big ticket items, such as furniture and appliances, more convenient for the clients.  The company also provides the free use of moving carts and dollies too.

Interested individuals who see beforehand the need for such kind of service can also make an earlier arrangement which can make them earn even bigger discounts.  With a pre-payment deal, such as when they transact and pay 6 months or even one year in advance for the rental, they can get surprisingly low prices because of the discounts made.  Military men are also provided huge discounts.  When it comes to the cost of the boxes and moving supplies, the retail prices have been slashed by as much as 30 percent.

With the discounts provided by San Clemente Self Storage, Gardner anticipates that more people will be interested in the service that they are providing.  According to him though, even as the number of customer increases substantially, the company will do its best to maintain the high level of service quality that they have been providing people with for the past 14 years.

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Steve Gardner
General Manager
San Clemente Self Storage
170 Avenida La Pata
San Clemente, CA, 92673
[email protected]