08, February 2016: Recently, Mary has a trouble. As a student, she has to go to school early every morning. But she always late for school because many different reasons. Traffic jam, the faulted alarm clock and the crowded bus are all reasons for her being late. Her teachers were angered with her being late and warned her that they will give her point penalty. Therefore, she made up her mind to change this situation. After comparing of different products, she bought an Airwheel sitting posture self-balancing scooter S6. After that, she happily found that her life became more effective and the problem of being late got perfectly solved.


First of all, after riding Airwheel saddle-equipped electric scooter S6 to go to school, Mary never needs to worry about the traffic jam and crowded bus. As Airwheel saddle-equipped electric scooter S6 is very small and flexible, Mary can ride it to go through busy streets and even takes a short cut to go through the narrow alleys. This saves her time from waiting bus and trapping in traffic jam. Therefore, although the speed of electric scooter is slower than bus and car, Mary reaches school earlier than before.


Secondly, as Airwheel mini self-balancing scooter S6 is very small and portable, it is convenient for Mary to park it. The wheel of S6 is only 20 cm diameter and it takes less than 0.25 square meters large of space, which is smaller than a ground board. So Mary can put it in the corner of the classroom after she arrive school. It won’t bother to other classmates.

Mary can also connect her Airwheel sitting posture self-balancing scooter S6 with her phone through an APP. Therefore, she can know the real time information of her scooter anytime.

A little change of travel way can make the life effective. Mary understands this after riding Airwheel electric scooter S6.

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