Chandigarh ChillersAwardedthe Title of ‘India’s Toughest Raeeszade’ on bindass Big Switch — Season 4 Finale

 Sukhwir, Preetpal and Navpreet are announced as the winning team


Big Switch season 4 not only gave the brats a stage to express their own individualism but also tested their character in displaying camaraderie as the member of a team. The current season was not about individual battles but survival of ‘packs’.


The three brats from Punjab Sukhwir, Preetpal and Navpreet, who formed the ‘The Chandigarh Chillers’ team were known to be the epitome of ‘rich and spoilt’. Overcoming all challenges they emerged as the winners and earned the most prestigious title of ‘India’s Toughest Raeeszade’ on Big Switch Season - 4.


The last battle between Mumbai’s Show Stoppers and Chandigarh Chillers was not only tough but changed the fate of these spoilt brats. The finale task of rescue operation was the final testament of these brats that was the deciding factor. Being the most consistent performer throughout the season, Sukhwir was easily the torch bearer for the success of the Chandigarh Chillers.Navpreet, Preetpal and Sukhwir were overwhelmed when they were presented with the most coveted title of India’s Toughest Raeeszade. But Sukhwir happiness knew no bounds when he was presented with the Visa to Canada, which he always wanted.


Chandigarh Chillerstruly proved their mettle and showed they are not just spoilt brats but intelligent and capable youth that can actually work hard, earn a living and above all survive without their parent’s riches.


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