Palo Alto, California, April 7, 2012 CFEngine Inc., a company dedicated to providing easy and advanced software configuration management services to ITs introduces CME Community, an open source configuration management that promotes quality assurance and transparency to its growing number of users. This software continually gains worldwide acceptance and has now an extensive community of users.

The core of CFEngine technology is provided by the community of users through the CME Community edition, allowing system configuration changes. Even if CFE Community is free and downloadable software, it has all the necessary features for configuration management. “CFE Community is carefully guided by an open evaluation process and state-of-the-art research by many experts around the world who are into IT configuration management. Because it is open-source, best system administrators representing different companies can keep us up to date with their users‘ needs,” explained Nili Gafni, marketing specialist of CFEngine.

CFE Community was created as a way of expressing the company‘s commitment to research and genuine innovation. “As community-driven software, we are trying to improve on its features by listening to what users suggest based on their experience with the software. We then implement the best solution after carefully evaluating all the suggestions.” Gafni added. “We do not just accept ad hoc suggestions without evaluation.”

The Community Edition is used by a vast number of users around the world and serves as a basis for testing the core technologies in a wide spectrum of configurations coupled with a great peer-to-peer support system.

CFE Community as an open-source software is now the very foundation of its commercial version. CFE NOVA is the licensed and commercial edition which has all the features of CFE Community plus added features such as one-touch installation, monitoring, reporting and support for knowledge overview and enhanced productivity. This was developed to meet the needs of various organizations regardless of their size. With full support from the CFEngine Inc., its future expansion is guaranteed.

Even with the availability of the commercial edition, the open-source free edition will still be developed and be fully supported in the future. CFE Community is the core of the technology and will continue to co-exist with CFE Nova. In fact, all future development largely depends on CFE Community.

“Since our company has greatly benefited from the open community of testers and users, our company is committed to continue this tradition by fully supporting CFE Community in the years to come,” says Gafni.

About the Company

CFEngine AS/Inc. which has offices in Oslo, Norway and Palo Alto, California is one of the leading developers and service providers for software configuration management. Their products which are the CFE Community and CFE Nova are now widely accepted by large businesses, government institutions, and financial organizations around the world. Through the years of their operation, they have shown great innovative solutions to the various challenges faced by many companies in their IT systems. Apart from the products, they also offer CFEngine training, consultancy and technical support. If you would like to know more about their technology and how they can help you, please visit them at You can also contact them through landline at +47 21 39 94 50 (Oslo, Norway) and +1 650 257 0233 (Palo Alto, California).