(Free Press Release) CFD Outsourcing Services is a leading CFD services provider firm in India. We Indian based outsourcing mechanical engineering firm having multiple production centers on different locations.

We focus on international standards while successfully implementations of your CFD modeling and simulations projects. The passion and dedication of our team assists us better to meet your necessity, truthfulness and on time delivery.

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Our each and every project related to CFD services goes thought following different stages of operations:
• Designing
• Troubleshooting
• Prognosis
• Areas of expertise

Our expert designers and engineers have huge experience of working in essential test environments in which CFD modeling can be subjected to pragmatic operational conditions.

Some core areas of our expertise include:
• Steady state and transient flow
• Conjugate heat transfer
• Incompressible & compressible fluid flows
• Laminar & Turbulent flows
• Multiphase flows
• Reacting flows
• Heat and mass transfer
• Acoustics
• Rotating machinery
• Moving Mesh
• Internal and external aerodynamics
• Supersonic, transonic and subsonic flows
• Under hood thermal management
• Fluid structure interaction
• Rotating frames of reference
• Complex theology

Main advantage of our services is that, the results generated by our expert team of professionals are very precise and perceptive. Our CFD modeling experts are specialize in development of numerical simulation methods. Our main goal is to minimize the risk of errors and to provide you exact results.

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