Chattanooga, TN — May 4, 2015
“I am over-joyed to share these photos of Cortney who found herself at the Family Violence Shelter last June with three children. Cortney's spirit, determination and joy inspired me beyond words” says Cindy A. Wilson, NP of Center for Facial Rejuvenation.

A big thank you to the Change Agents who gave of their time and services to make Cortney's day so special...

Trisha Grimes, National Makeup Artist and Aesthetician served up a hydrating facial and makeover.

Jaime Stafford of Hair Benders International who coiffed Cortney's hair into high fashion.

Sandi Kramer Life Coach discussed Thriving not just surviving.

Gary Thurman, Financial Advisor coached Cortney on how to build credit while avoiding the pitfalls of credit cards.

Paula McDaniel, Home ownership expert helped Cortney “dream a little dream” about her forever home.

As the grand finale, Amy Kennedy of Kennedy Jewelry presented Cortney with a beautiful custom engraved bracelet with the words "My Fair Lady" to remind Cortney of her special day and her special life!

Jackie Jones was on location to capture every precious moment with Courtney.

Thank you April, Assistant Director at the Family Violence Center, for nominating and selecting Cortney as our newest My Fair Lady candidate. The work you and your team do is immeasurable!

“I strongly believe that a woman’s self-worth is linked to her self-perception. Our desire is to give women who have faced overwhelming odds in their life opportunities to feel beautiful and empowered, so they might see themselves in a new light” Cindy says.
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