Los Angeles, Calif. -- Finally, there's a way an authentic psychic, medium or astrologer rather than calling a phone-y hotline or visiting a storefront pseudo-psychic or "best" on the Internet where people paid to be in it. "The 100 Top Psychics & Astrologers in America - 2014" is a literal lifeline to the most trusted intuitive in America, currently working from coast to coast. A top Celebrity Psychic in Hollywood "Blackwell Psychic," (Travel Channel, Vh1's "The Cho Show," NBC News, E! and Vivid Radio Sirius XM)from page 21 is featured amongst the 58 profiled in detailed interviews.

Written by a seasoned award-winning author of 20 books -- and most famous for her "Scandal of Scientology" one-- she has created a well-researched volume (with photos) that's a "who's who" of the psychic industry.

Like the other major psychics featured in the book, "Blackwell Psychic," has an easy-to-read three-page interview of her with her photo. Hers is one of many fascinating stories in which the psychics/astrologers/mediums in the book tell how they got started, what life is like for them, their most interesting cases, famous clients, etc. Plus, how to contact them (websites, phone, e-mail) for phone or in-person readings.

With this new book, potential clients will be assured that they are going to someone who has been authenticated as the best in the field (and no one paid to be included!) Even if someone is not a believer-- and a recent Pew

Research Center and IBIS World Industry analysts say 15% of Americans are and up to 50% claim to have had psychic experiences-- their stories, like this celebrity psychics are fascinating reading.

All the psychics and author Paulette Cooper are available for interviews. If you would like more information about the book, or about this topic, Contact us directly by phone or email.

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