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Largo, Maryland — Dr. Tiana Von Johnson, a celebrity broker, will be a featured presenter at the DMV Wealth Empowerment Event sponsored by LRE Matrix Investment Strategies. Dr. Johnson will join international real estate investment coach Lola Thompson Barber to teach individuals the best way to build a real estate portfolio even with a small initial investment. Dr. Johnson and Ms. Barber will share their personal stories so that attendees will be inspired and motivated to create a mindset that attracts wealth and opportunity.

Ms. Barber presents this powerful wealth creating seminar to help those who want to understand how to make smart investments in real estate. This event is designed to provide self-motivated individuals with strategies to help create and build wealth through real estate investing.

“Lets face it, real estate will never be a bad investment if and when you know how to hold them and fold them!” says Lola Thompson Barber. “Join us for an afternoon of real estate empowerment and awakening. Credit, Wholesaling, Flipping, and Turnkey investments are a mystery to most. We travel near and far and spend tons of money to finally discover the Holy Grail of successful and profitable investing.”

For more than 20 years, Ms. Barber has been helping those who want to increase their wealth through strategic investments and understanding the most important investment of all: personal passion.

“I don’t make a lot of promises. But I will promise you that by the end of this event, when, how and where you should invest and how you will ever learn to determine all of that, will no longer be a mystery of the golden unicorn.”

Those interested in the event can sign up at . Dr. Tiana Von Johnson will speak on Saturday, April 12, 2014, at 2:30 PM. The DMV Wealth Empowerment Event will be held at the Radisson Hotel at 9100 Basil Court in Largo, Maryland.

About Lola Barber:

Lola Barber is a woman on a mission to help people discover their inner power. She is a writer and published author, motivational speaker and personal development coach. She is also a poet and proud mother and grandmother. With more than 20 years in counseling and training fellow business people, she never tires of helping others follow their dreams.

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