According to the experts at GME, it is becoming increasingly
for patients from U.S. & Canada to easily access the CCSVI testing
& treatment.

This is mainly due to constant uncertainty surrounding
the regulations for availability of CCSVI treatment in Canada &
U.S. To avoid patients getting hassled, GME has decided to offer the
Treatment in India because of India‘s reputation offering
excellent quality care at affordable prices.

Global Medical Excellence believes that this will help make Liberation
Treatment more convenient and financially feasible for patients from
U.S. & Canada suffering from Multiple Sclerosis; as well as help
them avoid the long waiting lines found elsewhere in the world.
It is expected that the number of CCSVI patients successfully treated
in Indian Hospitals will reach 100 by the end of July 2010. With
many of the initial liberation patients reporting phenomenal results,
GME is excited to make the Liberation Treatment discovered by Dr.
Zamboni more readily available to those who need it.
Obtaining Liberation Treatment through GME has numerous advantages:

• GME offers the procedure only at JCI Accredited Facilities. The
U.S. based agency, Joint Commission International, is widely accepted
as one of the most prestigious accreditations a hospital can receive.
Only hospitals with excellent patient safety protocols, best quality
and a track record of excellence are awarded JCI Accreditation.

• GME Patients who receive treatment in India will also have access
to GME‘s North American Network of doctors for aftercare and follow-

• The Liberation Treatment Packages offered by GME are extremely
flexible. Unlike other organizations who offer only one package,
GME can customize your treatment & travel package to suit your
needs as well as your budget!

• GME has an in-house travel department to assist in all travel
arrangements and accommodations. Additionally providing patients with
care manager to attend to all legitimate needs of patients while
receiving liberation treatment in India.

• No wait list for treatment
For those interested in obtaining more information on Liberation
treatment through GME, you may contact their Doctors Team via their
patient hotline (Toll Free U.S or Canada) +1-866-463-2111 or if
international please call +1-714-907-1988. Additionally you can visit
their website at (